Updated 7 May 2006

Here are some places that I enjoy visiting, please inform me if any of the links are dead. To find something interesting faster, look at the subheadings.

Note: This section is seriously outdated - most links probably don't work anymore. Might fix it some day.

demoscene related

Blacktron Music Productions BMP is a big dutch musicgroup with a lot of members doing good music.
Realtech Visit the wellknown demogroup from France, and get some of their outstanding demos!
Trax In Space Trax In Space is an ambitious webbased music project run by Nebula. Go there to register yourself as a musician, listen to others trax and to vote for the best track of the week!
Parties (Almost all of them are of course outdated, but they are annual so...)
Assembly One of the biggest scene events, held in the Helsinki Fair Centre, Finland.
Icing Icing is a demo party held annually in Gothenburg, Sweden. 
Remedy One of the coolest Swedish parties!
The Gathering Another major demo scene event, held Norway.
Anqodia Here's a centre with many sample-resources to follow and download. Really neatly organized!
Monz' Samplepage Surf to the pages of Monz, a dude who knows how to sample. You'll find cool basses, sfx's, vocal samples and much more. All samples are of a very high quality!
SampleNet SampleNet contains loads of samples, reviews and downloads of related software, interviews with top turns and tutorials from authorative magazines like Future Music and The Mix.
Soundwave's Samples Here's a really good collection of samples for trackers and samplers. There are loads of them, so don't expect to download them all in one night...
Altered Perception This is a good music site with quality modules handpicked by Hecktarzuli. Nice layout and very cool configuration options!
Developer Forum The Developer Forum is an information resource for people who want to learn to program. Everything from advanced Visual Basic, graphics in C/C++ and Java is covered.
maz-sound.com Probably one of the biggest sites with programs for musicians on the Net! Updated regularly with lots of information! Also home for MAZ's fabulous sample CD's - check it out!
The Official #Trax Page! This is the original webpage dedicated to #trax, the one and only channel for trackers, residing on IRCNet! The website is administrated by my friend Psychad!
United Trackers "United Trackers is a non-profit, Internet based organization of music software developers, music lovers, and musicians..." They have a very honorable goal of keeping the music scene alive. Their resource section has some very interesting articles about digital audio, sampling and copyright issues. Read and get wiser!
Wig's Mods! A good site for quality MOD music! "Handpicked quality music! XM, S3M, IT, MOD, THX, My modules. Only the best!"

other links

TouchPuf TouchPuf is an addictive freeware puzzle game for Windows, created by Ammar Muqaddas. A special version of my song "Blade" is featured in the game.

You'll have to be quite a wizard of logic to get to hear "Blade" though; it isn't featured until level 81! (Luckily, passcodes for the first 100 levels are available on the website...) I
WinAmp I don't think anyone into music on computers has missed WinAmp, probably the best mp3 player on the PC.
Eurodance WWW This is probably the best Eurodance-site on the whole Internet! Hundreds of soundclips, many reviews and interesting biographies makes this one a must!
[Cthugha97 NOW!] Cthugha 97 is an application that shows very cool kaleidoscope-styled patterns on your screen, to the beats of a CD!
Visit WinFiles.com Now! WinFiles.com, the former Windows95.com, is a very good place to get the latest shareware & 32 bit drivers for all Windows platforms.
Voodoo Extreme This is -the- place for stuff for your 3DFX card - it's all here!
Throb Visit THROB, a great page for Janet Jackson stuff! (For fans only, right? /CyberZip :-)