Sunday - September 28, 1997

I'm starting to add MP3-versions of my songs to the music-section. They're mainly meant for people who don't know what modules are, or don't bother to find out. When creating the MP3's, I try to use the hi-quality versions of my songs. (That is, the way they are when I'm composing them. I always shrink them before release...)

They'll all be encoded in 128kBit/s and there are only going to be full versions of the songs.

An award!

Today, I also received this award from Trax In Space, a module project on the web created by my fellow Nebula-member Mysterium:

I got the award because my track Lightstone was voted the track of the week by the visitors to TiS. Well, I guess it's some kind of acknowledgement anyway, so I'm happy! :-)

September 24, 1997
The gallery has opened with four (nice?) photos! If you wanna see pictures of me and a few friends, why dontcha click "gallery" right now? (If not, don't bother... =) The headline-pictures changed to a more "technoish" font.

(And don't expect this update-rate to be constant in the future...;-)

September 22, 1997
Yet more of my songs are available via links to, in case the Nebulaserver is too slow. (I'll be adding most of my songs to Hornet, it's just that they don't want more than 2 songs per week..)

I also changed some layout 'n' stuff, since I'm trying to create a more unified look on the site. The pages "Gallery" & "The Remixes" are under construction.

September 21, 1997
BLADE is finished. It's a demotechno song with some elements of goa in it. I've been wanting to realese this song for a long time, and now I'm finally done with all the editing. The song will also be included in the second iteration musicdisk by Chaos Theory.

Get the song from the songpage!

September 18, 1997
Yesterday was my birthday, just thought I'd let you know. =)