Sunday - November 30, 1997
Soon 1 000 hits! :-D

While contemplating over how to release my rather large projects, I noticed that the site has soon passed 1 000 hits! I'm very pleased with such an amount! Thanx for visiting, everyone!

Tuesday - November 25, 1997
Stuff back!

All my stuff seems to be back online! Now I've got to move it around and fix some paths, then everything will be available again! Right now everything's a mess though, not all the pages are the newest ones; all that will be fixed later tonight.

My friend Ennay is once again going to air Stream, so if you happen to live here in Stockholm, tune in Radio Sydväst - 88,9 MHz tonight sometimes between 19.00-20.00.

Monday - November 24, 1997

At last I've moved my slow butt and put out a final version of Stream. You can get it here or on the musicpage, and I hope you enjoy the song! It was originally meant as an additional remix of Burning My Heart, but nopers...

My files haven't been returned to their original places yet, so no other tunes will be available until further notice. I'll just wait 'til they get back, since I don't want to upload all the stuff again!

Tuesday - November 18, 1997
Songpremiere on local radio!

My friend Ennay is a DJ at a local radiostation here in Stockholm, and he's going to air my new song Stream on his shift today! If you happen to live here in Stockholm, tune in Radio Sydväst - 88,9 MHz tonight sometimes between 19.00-20.00. The song's going to be up here shortly, in both XM and MP3 format. The style... is like "CyberZip BBE:d"?

Server down

The server has been down for a while, but today it got back online. I have to re-upload my whole /cyberzip directory, therefore the files won't be available until later this week.

Tuesday - November 11, 1997
Fasttracker 2 tips & tricks page! (2:nd update)

On a few people's request, I've begun writing up some tips & tricks for (in my opinion) better tracking. Click FT2 on the menu to the left. There's not much yet, but there'll be more in the future. Stay tuned.

Links update!

Whoah! I've been really active updating the website, that's always good. Now I've given the links-section a revamp, so if you're bored, go there and stroll around. Now you can find links to good sample sources and even for some help with Fasttracker 2!

If you wanna get a link to your site, just drop me a line and I'll fix it!

Monday - November 10, 1997
Greets! (2:nd update)

A little greets-page has been added to the website, to acknowledge my friends!

Project previews & stuff!

Since I actually put some time into my music and my website, it's nice to see that people do care! Thanx for the visits and the feedback everyone! My projects are going forward all the time, but I'm still slow... So therefore, here's a two minute clip of my goa project called "Backup", this time a MP3-version (811kb) & a RealAudio version (224kb). Enjoy and dance!

Website re-design!

I've given the website a slightly nicer (?) look, and I hope you like it too.

Thursday - November 6, 1997
Project preview!

I'm working on several new projects now, and I thought I'd let you preview one of them. It's a goa track, and it'll take a while to finish it, so try and listen to this little RealAudio clip from the song. (It's only 40kb.)

Please tell me what you think!