Thursday - December 18, 1997
The "Annual 'Always-So-Cute (But never really on time)' Christmas Remix 97"(tm) is finally here! :-)

Yes my friends, now you can rest your tired backs, sit down in your favorite couch and start up your favorite player and listen to my Christmas gift to you! I've finished up this year's little Xmas piece with the classics I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and White Christmas - although this time in a jazzier fashion... (In case you don't get enough and want some more brownie-attracting songs, pick up the older 95 & 96 editions.)

At the same time I'll take the opportunity to wish all you visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is the last release from me this year, I hope you've enjoyed my music so far, and I hope you'll bear with me in 1998! Thank you very much for all the nice feedback and comments you've sent me - it really means a lot!

The next website update will be in the very beginning of 1998 since I'm going for a little trip to my relatives in Finland over the holidays. (You said you were interested, I heard ya!! ;)

'Til next year!

Ville "CyberZip" Koski

(PS. Coming up projects in '98 are atleast: a high quality goa tune and a clubtune for the trance into '98 project.)

Sunday - December 14, 1997

It's been quiet for some time... but not anymore!

"Consummation" released!

My first big goaproject Consummation (earlier working title "Bam") has eventually been released! It's pretty big - even the 8 Bit version is around 3 MB unpacked - and it's pretty long - almost 9 minutes of pumping goabeats. I don't think you've heard this kind of goa tracked before, so go ahead and get the available 8 Bit version from the musicpage or below. Please give me feedback on this song - I'd love to know what you think! [1.19MB]

You will have some obvious problems loading the 3 MB song if you have a 1 MB soundcard like the GUS Classic. A friend of mine got some problems with corrupt samples in Cubic Player with a GUS PnP 8 MB. I've had some problems with disappearing channels in ModPlug Player, but maybe that's common knowledge? I'm using my AWE32 in FT2 to play it correctly.

There will be atleast -one- more release before Christmas, and that very soon!

Tueday - December 2, 1997
1 000 hits!

The site got it's 1 000:th hit today, and it was from Japan. Thanx for visiting everyone!

Monday - December 1, 1997
CyberZip's Website going Christmas!

Today we're going Christmas even here on the www! I'm scheduling the release of my first real attempt at goa in a week or two. Be prepared, it's going to be big. (Yeah, in size too! ;-) I'm also going to start on my annual X-Mas ReMix project, which will hopefully be released 'til the 13th, or atleast before Christmas Eve... :-)