Sunday, January 18, 1998

Musicdisk cancelled!

Inferno of Reverb Records informed me that the Trance Into 98 musicdisk has been cancelled due to lack of songs. I am very sad to hear that, but I wish Reverb Records better luck with their Trance Into 98 musicdisk. Instead, The Color Black will be put out as a guest-release through RR. It's been fun to co-operate with you guys, I look forward to doing some more of that in the future!

A few links have been added to the links section since last update.


Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Interesting links

The second Blacktron Music Productions compo has started - go to the BMP2 website for more information. It's going to be a huge compo with many competitors, so expect tough competition. I myself am preparing a goatune for the goa/psychedelic trance category...

The second link is more of interest for you Swedes out there... There will be a Party Remedy '98 in June this year, so go to their website for more information! It's going to be loads o' fun!


Friday, January 2, 1998


While I'm still on vacation, I've been redesigning this and redoing that, so there are numerous facial lifts on the site. The musicpage has been restructured with sorting for years for faster loading times.  I must be pretty bored huh? ;-9


Thursday, January 1, 1998

New songrelease!

I hope that everyone's had a nice Christmas and I hope your New Year will be even better! I'm kickstarting the new year with my new tune The Color Black - a clubtune for the trance into 98 musicdisk by Reverb Records. (It was meant to be released on 1/1, but it's postponed to 8/1 due to lack of songs... so if you're a club musician, they'd love to hear from you quickly.)

Grab it from the musicpage and enjoy!