Sunday, April 19, 1998

MP3 Update

Enlightenment is now available in MP3 format too. The file is in 44kHz stereo, weighing in at 6.7 MB. It's encoded from the 16 bit project version and I've applied some slight compression, so it's the highest quality you can get. :) You with fast i-net connections - enjoy!

(The remix(es?) are shaping up nicely, shouldn't take too long now...)


Sunday, April 12, 1998 - Easter Day!

New track release!

For the past few weeks I've been working on a track called   Enlightenment, which I consider to be one of my best tracks up to date. It's melodic trance in 165 bpm, and that makes it also the fastest track I've done this far. Actually, it's been finished for some time now, but I've been busy preparing some remixes - those will be released in a few days.

I would love getting some comments on this one, but enough talking now - get it here! (800kb ZIP file [xm])


If you happen to like the sounds or the melody, then you're more than welcome to remix the track. (Or really any track that I've composed...) Do it in your style, with your added ideas and rhythms, and I'd be glad to hear the results! But please do mail me before finishing up anything.


I've been considering the idea of creating a mini-mailinglist, sending a letter to people when I've finished a new song. If you would like to receive such a letter, with a pointing URL, then drop me a line that says: "subscribe". I don't know if this is a good idea, but I thought that I'd give people the option to get this information quickly. (Don't be afraid, you won't get flooded by mails - you know how often I release tracks...)

At the same time I would like to recommend you to visit Altered Perception, a good music site with quality modules handpicked by Hecktarzuli. The main page graphics are pretty cool!

That's it for now I guess (and oh, noticed the new sidelayout? ;) - have a good one!