August 1998

Friday, August 28th - [Status report 2]

I'm currently working on a combo-project named I Wanna Be Free. Something that started out as one tune will most probably be released as an original version plus a remix of it. I don't wanna reveal too much, but my hopes are that you will enjoy both equally much. :-) No release date yet...

- Ville

Thursday, August 20th - [Status report]

This is just a little update to confirm that, yes, I am still alive. (Sometimes even kickin' too!) I'm working on some projects from time to time - a song release could be possible before the end of the month.

Again, thanks for all the mail! Later folks!

// Cz

Saturday, August 1st - Songrelease!

Lightstone '98 (Flamingo Club Mix) [364kb] is a mix that was born rather quickly, since I was inspired by the experimental Lightstone remix projects by my friend Psychad. What was annoying me was how he never got them finished...

So, here it is, my own (!) remix of the demotechno track I made in '97. The style? Commercial club, the way I like it.

Some curiosity: Flamingo Club was a club here in Stockholm that used to play (commercial) house & club music, until it moved back to its original roots on the party island Ibiza in April this year. My friend Ufool once managed to get the resident DJ to play a track he had composed (and I co-composed). Boy, whatta feeling!

The Fasttracker 2 tips page has been updated with my some of my thoughts about arranging & structuring songs, check that if you're interested.