September 1998

Tuesday, September 29th - 5 000 hits!

I'm happy to announce that I yesterday passed the 5 000 hit limit since the counter was installed, and that was 15 months ago. Some statistics: that makes about 330 visitors / month or 83 visitors / week. I'm very happy about a sum like that, so thank you to everyone who has visited my place! Thanks for your interest, and I hope you'll keep up the listening as I'll keep up the composin'!

(Some of you might wonder why I even bother to do an update about this? Well, it's probably because I'm one of Those Guys Who Cares. Or then again, I just might have too much spare time these days? ...naah. ;o) )

Thursday, September 17th - Songrelease!

Finally, time for some releases again! To celebrate my birthday a bit, I'm putting out two tracks, and those are:

I Wanna Be Free (Original Version) [630 kb] &
I Wanna Be Free (Heavenly Club Mix) [570 kb]

The original version is a melodic demotechno song and the club mix has a funkier beat with completely rewritten melodies and breaks. I don't even know if you can tell that it's a mix, except for one or two things...


// Ville, 20

Tuesday, September 15th - Ripping?

So, now it's apparently my turn... I got a letter today from Navid, accusing me of plagiarism. He claims that I "ripped" my song "Enlightenment" from Richi M's song  "One Life To Live". I don't think I need to tell you my opinion or defend myself in any way?

The songclips are in streaming RealAudio, so please folks, judge for yourselves.

...and yes, there will be a double release on Thursday! :-)

Sunday, September 13th

Just informing you folks that I've been workin' all weekend (well, almost) on those tracks - they have got to be finished on time. And too much time has been spent playing the highly addictive RPG Final Fantasy VII. (I have to add that I play games very rarely nowadays!)

To everyone who has written to me - thank you for your feedback and your concern, it really makes it all worthwhile!

I was recently informed of an Annoying Situation  - I've been ripped off, again. Read about it on United Trackers [target removed]. The situation has been solved already, so the link is just here for informational purposes.

When will this madness stop, eh?

Sunday, September 6th

The release date for my dance project I Wanna Be Free and the clubmix of it is set to my 20th birthday on September 17th! If you want my address to be able to send gifts and stuff, then be sure to mail me... (in my dreams).

Extremely Important Personal notes:
The disc that has spent most time in my cd player this month (again) must be janet. - funkier grooves are yet to be found on this planet! Brandy's latest cd "Never Say Never" has also been in heavy rotation, together with the club single Horny '98 by Mousse T. The Boris gets horny Extended Mix is one helluva groovy track!

On another note - I want to honor the memory of the now deceased Swedish eurotechno guru Dag Volle (alias Denniz Pop). He was one of the front figures in Swedish dance music and he was the producer behind numerous artists like Dr. Alban, E-Type & Backstreet Boys. Rest in peace, Denniz!

That was my $.02... or maybe I should just start writing an online diary, eh? Keep it up folks!