October 1998

Monday, October 26th - Lightstone '98

news_award.gif (5639 bytes) Almost exactly one year ago, my song Lightstone was voted as the track of the week on Trax In Space.

Yesterday, it came to my attention that Lightstone '98: Flamingo Club Mix was voted as the track of the week #42!

So, Lightstone seems to do well, and I can't do anything else than to be grateful for all of you who voted for me both of the times!

By the way. The Gallery has been revamped and updated with a few pictures, it should be easier to navigate and chose pictures now. (Yes I can foresee some heavy bandwidth problems now, with everyone rushing in...)

// Ville

PS. ...and don't start speculating about a Lightstone '99, "cause it won't happen." :-)

Wednesday, October 21st - Statusreport

Oh shit, almost a month since the last update! And it was supposed to be interesting, fruitful and fun to visit my website, eh...? Anyway, since I can't entertain the whole world (wow, he does actually have his bright moments!), I'll get right down to business.

There aren't any ground-breaking projects going on, but there is atleast one which could turn out nicely. It's a step further on my progressive, contemporary dance style, combined with my melodic "stains". Anyway, I am alive, so be expecting something soon!