February - March 1999

Tuesday, March 2nd

It's just too damn silent here, dont you agree?

Well, this used to be a place to find out about CyberZip's latest ventures in the exciting land of tracking, but nowadays it's more like a silent crypt, collecting dust... What has happened?

Well, that dude bought a synthesizer, went MIDI and got a girlfriend.

The sound quality compared to tracking is like another dimension, with Lightstone 1999 coming along nicely, but I'm afraid that you won't be hearing it just yet. When I've mastered all the recording techniques, played around with 95% of the CakeWalk settings, tried all the different mixer controls and spent a lot of quality time with my wonderful girlfriend, then you'll be hearing some stuff.

So, the bottom line is - you'll be hearing stuff whenever I'm ready.

Hang in there!

// Ville

Tuesday, February 16th

Guess what?

Oh, come on! Yeah, a new release, well almost a new release - it's a remix of Will We (Ever Meet?), composed by my good friend Psychad. It's called "Psychad Meets Her Pretty Often Remix", and it's a minimalistic and clean-shaven house edit of the original tune. Really recommended for those of you with good bass speakers...

The music on the MIDI side is going forward - I'm still learning and composing, and pretty soon you'll have some short mp3 samples of my early works. Stay tuned.