Latest addition 16 Feb 99
Updated 7 Aug 02

All remixes found here are official remixes by me or other musicians.

Whether you're an experienced tracker or a novice musician; if you want to remix some of my work, then be my guest and go ahead! But please, do inform me about it before releasing or putting anything out on the internet.

Thank you.




Footnote: The songnames in bold are songs by other artists that I've remixed myself.

Songname Versions
Burning My Heart 3
Calm [Psychad] 2
Enlightenment 3
Genuine [Oolite] 2
Golden Moments 4
I Wanna Be Free 2
Life on the Streets [Dj Unique] 2
Lightstone 2
My Need 2
Soft - The Soundtrack 3
Will We (Ever Meet?) 3

burning my heart

Original version CyberZip 4 May 97 [320kb]    
Martyn's Magic Remix Martyn / mOx 5 Oct 97 [505kb]   Enhanced melody remix.
Hyper Melody Remix Hyperlite 15 May 98 [388kb]   Enhanced melody remix.


Original version Psychad / TPF 13 Dec 1996 [?kb]    
CyberZip Club Mix CyberZip 11 July 98 cz! [345kb]   Dance oriented club mix.


Original version CyberZip 12 April 98 [810kb]    
A Place for Dreams Mix CyberZip 3 May 98 [746kb]   Enhanced melody remix.
Wildstyle Edit CyberZip feat. Ufool 12 June 98 [885kb]   Shorter compo edit with a drum'n'bass break.


Original version Oolite / Enforced 1996 -    
CyberZip's Remix CyberZip 6 Oct 97 cz! [274kb]   Enhanced melody remix.

golden moments

Original version CyberZip 9 Mar 97
Extended Fresh Mix (GM '97) CyberZip 13 May 97
  Enhanced rhythm & melody remix for Dzone.
Vocal Moments TNK / Rt|Dzone|Caf 18 Jul 97 [225kb]   A weird a-cappella version.
Juno Moments Psychad / TPF 23 Aug 97 [588kb]   Juno synth version.

i wanna be free

Original version CyberZip 17 Sep 98 [630kb]   Demotechno beat.
Heavenly Club Mix CyberZip 17 Sep 98 [570kb]   Rewritten melodic club mix.
Heavenly Dub Edit CyberZip 23 Oct 98 Only available on the Interstellar Harmony CD.   A remixed, shorter (5 min) edit.

life on the streets

Original version DJ Unique / Alumiini 1998      
CyberZip's Melody in the House Mix CyberZip 28 Feb 98 cz! [445kb]   Completely rewritten melody remix.


Original version CyberZip 25 July 97
Lightstone '98 (Flamingo Club Mix) CyberZip 1 Aug 98
  Commercial club version.

my need

Original version CyberZip 6 July 98
My Voice TNK / Rt|Dzone|Caf 16 July 98
  A weird a-cappella version.

soft - the soundtrack

Original version CyberZip 7 Aug 96
Club Mix Mysterium / Nebula 6 May 97 [1.9mb]   In .IT format.
Classic Myst Mix Mysterium / Nebula 30 Nov 97 [997kb]   In .IT format.

will we (ever meet?)

Original version CyberZip 13 March 98 [495kb]    
Will We (Ever Sing?) TNK / Rt|Dzone|Caf 29 June 98 [392kb]   A weird a-cappella version.
Psychad Meets Her Pretty Often Remix Psychad / TPF 16 February 99
  Minimalistic house version.