Updated 10 Apr 2000

about composing
I started composing in late '93 with programs like Whacker Tracker, TCB Tracker, Digistudio, Fasttracker and Scream Tracker 3, but with the introduction of Fast Tracker II in '94, I was really hooked. 

The .XM files that you can download on my music pages are created with Fast Tracker II. It's not the most common format for all you non-musicians out there, but luckily there are some pretty user-friendly players available on the 'net.

about listening
I like many kinds of music. If you have listened to my songs you have probably noticed that most of them are techno & dance styled, but the fact is that I mainly listen to other styles. I really enjoy soul and R&B artists like Janet Jackson, Diana King, Puff Johnson & Brandy. I also enjoy dance acts like Livin' Joy, Todd Terry, Culture Beat and the fabulous Brittish group Love To Infinity (they are mainly known for their very successful house mixes of songs by other artists).

When it comes to techno I tend to listen to many different styles, from the melodic goa by Man With No Name and Astral Projection to the German  happy hardcore by Blümchen. The Greek composer Vangelis has also enriched my musical mind a lot with his hypnotically soothing new-age compositions. Recommended!

about the demoscene
I was a member of the now discontinued Swedish demogroup Tidal from late '95 to late '97. We had six or seven members at most; Skywalker doing the programming, Ennay doing the graphics and me and Spiritseeker doing the music.

We produced one demonstration (think of it as a music video with computer graphics) during those years, and that was about it. We started worked on it in January '96, and finished it somewhere in June the same year. The demo, "Soft", placed 2:nd in a competition at a local demoparty called Remedy. (You can find the soundtrack to the demo on the '96 music page.)

I joined the American, Texas-based musicgroup called Nebula in late 1996, and I'm still a member of it.

The demoparties that I've attended are Assembly 1995 & 1997 (Held in Helsinki, Finland) and Remedy 1996, 1997, 1998 (Held in Stockholm, Sweden).

why cyberzip?
The name CyberZip is the alias I once picked for releasing music, mainly on Bulletin Board Systems here in Sweden, and now recently on the more global Internet.  "But why in the name of the lord did he pick CyberZip?" That's a question I've been asked many times, so I thought I'd better answer it here.

It's a pretty non-exciting story, belonging to a pretty non-exciting, (but pretty unique, mind you!), name. Many years ago, a friend of mine invented it at school, when we wanted name tags for our painting class. It has been my nick since then.

And no, I don't favor the PKZip or anything so... (...quit those damn CyberARJ/RAR/LHA jokes!!

If you want to get in touch with me, just mail me at junk_cyberzip@swipnet.se.
(Remove "junk_" from address before sending.)