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songs of 1996
Title Date Style XM MP3 Comments
"Christmas ReMix 96" Dec 23 -96 Xmas songs x-mas96.zip
  5 wellknown Christmas-songs, and some greetings. -96 Edition.
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" Oct 27 -96 Dancecover cz-bridg.zip
  This is my dance version of the old classic hit by Simon & Garfunkel. Copyleft 69 and all rights reversed!
"Might of Magicians" Aug 24 -96 Dance cz-might.zip
  This is some kind of computer dance-techno.
"SOFT - The Soundtrack" Aug 7 -96 Dreamtechno cz-soft.zip
  REMIXES AVAILABLE The soundtrack from our first demo Soft. This is the original, longer version.
"I Want You Back" May 27 -96 Pop cz-back.zip
  A little pop-song for a technocompo held at the swedish radio, P3.
"Another Time" May 18 -96 Pop-ballade cz-time.zip
  Some kind of pop ballade this one. It was meant for a local BBS compo, but it was cancelled due to lack of competitors.
"Inflexibility" Mar 23 -96 Pop-ballade cz-flex.zip
  A softer synth ballade made in co-operation with Ol'dirty Bastard.
"The Reunion" Jan 14 -96 Dance cz-union.zip
  We're going a bit euro here, this was my contribution for a local BBS music compo.
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