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songs of 1997
Title Date Style XM MP3 Comments
Christmas ReMix '97 Dec 18 -97 Xmas songs x-mas97.zip
  "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and "White Christmas" in one tune in a jazzier fashion. -97 Edition.
Consummation Dec 14 -97 Goa cz-consu.zip
[16 bit 3.7mb]
  My first goaproject in it's 8 Bit version. Inspiration taken from Astral Projection and Man With No Name. The project started somewhere in July - August '97.
Stream Nov 24 -97 Dreamtechno cz-strea.zip
[16 bit 1.3mb]
  The song was originally meant as a remix of Burning My Heart, but it turned out otherwise. It was aired on a local radiostation here in Stockholm by my friend Ennay, who is a radio DJ. (Thanx dude! ;-)
Ahh My Goddess! Oct 17 -97 Anime cover cz-ah!8.zip
[16 bit 1.8mb]
  When I first heard the theme to Ahh My Goddess, I fell in love with it instantly. Therefore I decided to do a cover of it, and after many months on my HD, here it is!
Blade Sept 21 -97 Demotechno cz-blade.zip
  This song is mainly demotechno, although it has some goa elements in it. Also almost included in the second iteration musicdisk by Chaos Theory... (Don't ask.)
Lightstone July 25 -97 Demodance cz-light.zip
  REMIXES AVAILABLE I composed this tune in a few weeks during the summer. I guess it uses elements from both eurotechno & demotechno, so judge for yourself. :-)
Illusions July 3 -97 Dreamtechno cz-illus.zip
  Before finishing this song, it had been on my HD for 5-6 months. It was meant for the Remedy 97 compo, but unfortunately, it didn't get that far.
Burning My Heart May 4 -97 Dance cz-heart.zip
  REMIXES AVAILABLE My friend ToalNkor (Rt/Dz/Caf) inspired me to compose this dancetrack. It's pretty "easylistening", I guess... :-)
Golden Moments Mar 9 -97 Demo & dance cz-gold.zip
  REMIXES AVAILABLE Promotion track for #scene.se on IRC Net.
You Make Me Move Jan 17 -97 Club & Dance cz-move8.zip
[16 bit 1,1MB]
  This song placed 18:th in the Blacktron Music Competition. The 16 Bit version was the compoversion.
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