songs of 1998
Title Date Style Download Comments
Christmas Remix '98 23 Dec Xmas XM [210kb] The '98 version of my annual Christmas medley is the last release this year, covering "Here Comes Santa Claus" and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town".
I Wanna Be Free 17 September Demotechno XM [630kb] REMIXES AVAILABLE I Wanna Be Free is a melodic demotechno song with a happy chorus.
My Need 6 July Dance XM [400kb] REMIXES AVAILABLE My Need is a 30 channel dance song running in 124 bpm. (Piano house / club style mixed with dance.)
Enlightenment 12 April Melodic
XM [810kb] REMIXES AVAILABLE If melodic trance running in 165 bpm is something for you, then try this one.
Will We (Ever Meet?) 13 March Dance XM [495kb]
XM 16 Bit [1,2 MB)
REMIXES AVAILABLE This is some kind of happy dance & club tune, that I also entered the BMP compo 2 with.
Eternal Jinx 9 March Goa MP3 (128kbit)

XM 16 Bit (6 MB)
This was my contribution to the goa category in the BMP compo 2, where I placed 4th out of 27. It is only available in mp3 format since the original XM was too large.
The Color Black 1 Jan Club XM [411kb] My contribution for the Trance Into 98 musicdisk by Reverb Records. This is commercial club the way I like it. (Comment: The disk was never released)
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