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songs of 1994
Title Date Style Download Comments
"Electronic Rhymes" 4 Nov Dance Ip!elect.zip
(ScreamTracker 3 format .S3M) One of my first two releases - my first self composed song. Halfway through, a softer remix is "included". This is early, early CyberZip. :)
"Phenomen" 4 Nov Dance Ip!phen.zip
(ScreamTracker 3 format .S3M) The second of my first two releases ever, and it's in the ScreamTracker 3 format.  I didn't compose the song myself, but I converted it with samples and all from the TCB Tracker on the Atari ST. Halfway through, I've also included a remix that I made.

Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the original composer, so whoever you are - I hope you're ok with this.

I released this under the name "CyberZip of Independent Productions", a name that I kept until I joined my first demogroup.

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