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songs of 1995
Title Date Style XM MP3 Comments
"Realms of the Beat" Dec 29 Euro/techno cz-realm.zip
  My first (and this far, my only) musicdisk consists of 9 dance tracks. 

Contents: 1. Intro - The Assault / 2. Shining Star / 3. Our Souls Together / 4. Hard Timing / 5. I Just Wanna Dance / 6. Warm Worlds / 7. Forelock / 8. Ending - Rescue / Bonustrack: Nightbeat feat. Ol'Dirty Bastard.

"Shining Star" is part of the soundtrack to the 2006 racing game Motorboat Fury.
"Christmas ReMix '95" Dec 13 Xmas songs x-mas95.zip
  5 wellknown Christmas-songs, and some greetings. -95 Edition.
"The Caralain Eagle" Dec 10 Dance cz-eagle.zip
  This was my first release after joining Tidal, a happy dancetune.
"Can't Give My Life Back" Nov 5 Downtempo cgmlife.zip
  [New addition!] A funky downtempo track that was my contribution to the second multichannel compo at the Mostly Harmless BBS. I didn't win. :)
"Summoning a Storm" Oct 15 Techno summon.zip
  This song was originally made for my music HQ, the BBS Summon. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist anymore.
"Fortune Wish" Oct 8 Dance fort_wsh.zip [350kb]   [New addition!] An uptempo eurodance track that was my contribution for the multichannel compo at the Heavens Gate BBS. Things are beginning to shape up...
"Shining Star
(Original BBS Edit)"
Aug 3 Dance ip!star.zip
  [New addition!] This is the original version of Shining Star and it was released as "Independent Productions". It's called Original BBS Edit since it was released on the Bulletin Board System called Summon.

A slightly remixed version with higher quality sounds is featured on the Realms of the Beat musicdisk, see above.
"Black Basics" Mar 10 Dance ip!black.zip [261kb]   [New addition!] A dance tune featuring a strong hook and the "classic" pan flute sample. Released as "Independent Productions".
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