Monday - October 27, 1997
Ah My Goddess! - 16 Bit Edit

A friendly soul (Hi Ghost! ;-) informed me that I'd forgotten to put the hi-quality version of the song on the site... :-) Well, it's on the songpage now, and here too. And yes, it's about 1.8 MB zipped, and 2.5 MB unpacked. Eat that!

Bridge over... anniversary!

Today it's exactly 1 year since I released my cover of Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. I still think my danceversion is better. (NOT! =)

Friday - October 17, 1997
Today I've got good & bad news, so here are the bad news first:

No more Tidal

Together with everyone else in the group, I've decided to put Tidal aside for the time being. We based the decision on our longtime inactivity, and having the group felt meaningless... Now Tidal doesn't exist anymore, but in case we'd produce anything, we'll use our groupname again.

So now I'm just CyberZip of Nebula, and well, that's fine with me too! ;-) On a more positive note though, I've released a new song today!


Today I've at last finished up my cover of the anime soundtrack Ahh My Goddess!. God knows for how long I've been working on that... Anyway, it's up on the site now, just stroll over to the music-section!

Monday - October 6, 1997
Pic. from Miss. Janet International Fanclub Janet Jackson's new album "The Velvet Rope" is out!

It's amazing, it's great, and it's...

I know you guys don't care, but I just had to say that! <grin> :-D

Song re-release!

I've re-released the song Genuine that I remixed for Oolite / Enforced in '96. Check the Remix-page.

Sunday - October 5, 1997

Burning My Heart (Martyn's Magic Remix) is released today. Get it from the Remix-page.

It's a remix that Martyn / mOx just gave me one day on IRC. It felt a bit weird, since I know what kind of music Martyn usually listens to... (I'm gonna use it to shock his friends! <g>) Anyway, I really liked it, and I wanted to release it. Martyn said he didn't want to finish it, so I fixed it up and added a few things to it, and voilá!

30 channels of pure dancemusic! Enjoy!

(Really Monday, it's 0.30, but I don't care) - I can't decide on the looks of the remix-page... I've been redesigning it all night, and well, go and checkout to see what I've created. I hope it's easy to understand and fast. It's meant to be like this: you go to the songpage and checkout the new song, and you notice "REMIXES AVAILABLE", you click it, and transfer to the remix-page where all the remixes are stored. Feedback on the system please!

Wednesday - October 1, 1997
Server problems...

We've been having troubles with our server, so you might experience troubles accessing it somethimes. Hopefully not though. You might also have noticed that I've changed some small things now and then. Just bear with me, the site is still searching for a genuine look and feel. :-D

Yeah, and by the way, since the MP3 songs are going to be pretty large (1MB/minute) I'm considering having some short RealAudio-clips so you can "listen before downloading". (Supposing you haven't heard the XM-version...)

Doesn't that sound just fabulous? (No? Well...)