Sunday - June 28th - Summertime!


" will be available later this week..." - like you believed that crap huh? Anyway,  here it is, Enlightenment (Wildstyle Edit feat. Ufool). Don't expect anything, it's just a shorter compo edit with a new break.

A slower danceproject (122 bpm) is also under way, watch this space.


Wednesday - June 17th

Remedy98 - The Aftermath

So, back from Remedy last week, and what can I say - it was fun! We played a lot of music, slept little and I placed 5th in the multichannel compo with Enlightenment (Wildstyle Edit feat. Ufool). (It will be available later this week.)

I took the time to update the Me section of the website a bit, so if you against all odds actually would like to know something about me, that's the place to look.

Hm, when on the subject I ought to mention the little interview with me that Hecktarzuli of Altered Perception did.

I also took some time to update the Gallery section, go ahead and see some RealLife(tm) pictures. :-)


Sunday - June 7th - Stuff

Top trax of the week...

Got this message from Trax In Space:

"Congratulations! Your song Enlightenment was selected as a Top Trax of the Week for Week #22, 1998."

...and this from the crew at Artificial Intelligence:

"Your song "Enlightenment (A Place for Dreams Mix)" was selected as the top track of the week."

While I seldom mention stuff like this, I just felt that I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate feedback. It shows that people do care after all. <grin>

I bow and say "thank you" to the dudes at Trax In Space & Artificial Intelligence.

/ Ville

Wednesday - June 3rd - Singin' in the rain...

[Party update]

The 11th - 14th of June I'll be attending the local demoparty Remedy '98 held in Solna, Stockholm (Sweden). If you're going you're obviously a swede, so don't hesitate to come up and say hi! I'll be sitting somewhere on row 19, facing the bigscreen & I'll try to wear a sign or something like that...

I will be entering the multichannel compo with something - you'll see. <uhm, hear?>