Tuesday, July 28th - Back in business folks!

Today it's a pretty informal update about my whats & whereabouts...

This weekend I got back from an almost two weeks long vacation in Finland. It had loads of sleeping, resting and uhm, relaxing in it. Patting dogs and wearing sunglasses too, obviously.

It's my cousin's dog by the way, and it's called Taru.


Ville w. dog

Beautiful nightview

This is an extremely stealthy (!) nocturnal photo. It's the view from our bridge at our villa in Finland. I'd estimate the time of the shot to be somewhere between 3-4 am, just before going to... bed? (Is this guy just ever getting down to business?)


Now when all the important matters are covered, I thought I ought to "say" something entertaining too.

Projects & upcoming releases:

  • The T2 soundtrack cover seems to slowly but steadily get closer to completion. It's going to be a Cz Dance Mix or something similar.

  • A really old ballad project may get it's lazy ass out from my hd soon, thanx to some new found inspiration. (...and pushes, eh K? ;-)

  • Lightstone 98, a nifty extended club version of my demotechno track from last year, is in the works. Due to release very soon.

  • My Voice, which is another vocal experiment by TNK of my song My Need, is now available on the remix page.

Finally, I can't stop wondering if people actually are reading all this crap that I'm writing... :-)

To quote Janet: "Everybody has the need to feel special".

Summer cheers dudes!

(Ah, so you did notice the new logo? - good!)


Saturday, July 11th - Haha, summertime!

...more summer releases...

First up today is a song that I actually finished already in March, but I haven't been in a situation to release it until now. It's a remix of a tune called Calm that my friend Psychad composed in '96. The remix is a 5+ minutes long club mix, with a rewarding solo towards the end for the patient listener. ;-)

Get Calm (CyberZip Club Mix) [345kb].

I updated the FT2 tips page with some minor changes, and a quote that I think really puts a finger on what kind of music to go for... don't miss that one. I won't be adding any tips for a while since I think the subjects covered now really sums up most of my thoughts this far.

If you have something to share about the subject or thoughts about my tips, I'd be glad to hear from ya!


Monday, July 6th - "Composin' in the rain..."

Summer release 1/(?)

As a little kick off for this vacation of mine, I've finished a new dance track called "My Need". I started the project about a month ago, and now it's all polished and shiny.

Get the XM file (400kb), or listen to a short RealAudio clip.

I also made a RealAudio clip of Enlightenment (Wildstyle Edit).

And finally, I'd be happy if someone could answer me exactly why it's raining right now...? Where'd that summer go? *grin*


Wednesday, July 1st - Summertime!

Remixes & project update

You see, I thought I had heard weird remixes before. How wrong I was! A remix called Will We (Ever Sing?) just arrived from my French friend TNK (Rt|Dzone|Caf), and this will make you wonder if you can trust your ears! It's an absolutely fantastic a-cappella version of Will We (Ever Meet?), and I don't think it can get crazier than this!

I added a little index to the remix page, since it's swelling - yay!

Project info: My "slower" danceproject has been sped up to 124 bpm, and it looks like it could get finished this week. (Ever heard that before, eh?)