November 1998

Friday, November 27th - Statusreport 2

The days go past, and Christmas gets closer and closer. It's getting colder and colder, and darker and darker. People are wandering around outside, just thinking about the warmth inside, and hurrying about with their tasks. (Can you stop it?) ...and still no new releases from CyberZip?! Well, it's time to let ya'll in a bit on my latest doings then again, I suppose. ;-)

Preparing, re-composing and mastering songs for a cd is what I have been up to. It's going to feature the songs that I enjoy the most myself, and a bunch of new and exclusive remixes like Stream '98 and the Heavenly Dub Edit of "I Wanna Be Free". (That one can also be found on the Interstellar Harmony cd, soon-to-be released from Trax In Space.)

It's only a home-production project, and therefore still just for my own personal enjoyment, but I thought I'd let you know what's been taking up my time. I am considering selling copies over the 'net, but I haven't decided on that yet. It all depends on requests (if any?), my time and so on...

(A quick note - some pages have been a bit redone, with the most visible changes being in the remix-section. Check it out!)

So folks, don't freeze to death, just hang on and -

Take care!

Monday, November 16th - Statusreport

Whoah, time goes fast! Already November, and no new releases on the horizon but a distant Xmas Remix '98. :-) So, what've I been up to, someone might wonder? Well, it's the usual RealLifeTM thing with school, talking on the phone, a little partying, hanging around with friends and some more talking on the phone. (Hm, as if my phonebill wasn't killing me already?) We-ell, just email me for further details, ok?. ;-)

Thank you for your visit, and 'til next time -

Take care!